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DELI Lyrics

Song Name: DELI
Singer: DaBaby

I’m Tired Of This Chain And S^^t Heavy
S^^t, I’m From The Southwest Of Delhi
S^^t, I’ve Got This Thing From New York Like The Custom
I Talk Like She Keesha On Belly
Aha, Yeah, N!gga Now I’m Back From
I Was Just Trying To Eat, They Ain’t Let Me
I Put The Switch On This B!tch, It’s The Chopper I Hit It
It Sound Like
I Heard N!ggas Think Baby Ain’t Got It
Tell My [?] Isn’t The Problem
N!gga I Ain’t Even Nowhere To Go
But I Feel Like Flexes Take Me To [?] I Hate When It’s Raining Outside
Drop A N!gga Off When It’s Sunshine
Pull A President [?], She Wanna [?] Obama
Send A Couple Thousands To My Baby Mama
I Got A B!tch From The Bronx That She’s Feeling Me
But I Really Won’t Fu^k Around With Hennessy
Tell My Boy Set To Go High Like Carter
Yo Lil Sister A Motherf^cking Barbie
Baby That S^^t N!ggas Talking About Garbage
I Set This B!tch Off, Get Me Started
You Know I Smoke Out The Pound Of S^^t Stank
When I Walk In The Bank, Smell Like Somebody Farted

Come On With Your Big A^s, Yeah
Hit Him Up, Gon’ Get That S^^t Bag, Uh
When They Found Him, He Was Dead On The Motherfu^king Scene
I’m The One Did That, N!gga I Got Him, Gon’ Play That Cool,
They Ain’t Know It Was Me
I’m The One Spent That, And That Fin Ain’t Got Kickback
Yeah, Pull Up Back To Back Benz As They Mismatch
Tipsy Drive, Incentives, Lil’ B!tch Back
You Got It Lil’ Buddy, Yeah I Get A Lil’ N!gga Out Of Here, Buddy
I Hustle Day And Night, Yeah, N^^ga Gotta Be Cutting Uh-Uh
Becoming Like The N!gga Gotta Be, Baby I’m Known To Get On Your A^s
Drive A B!tch Crazy
Get To That Bag, Taking My Babies
Stay With That Fire, Standing On Business I’ma Shoot At You N!ggas
Every Time That Y’all Playin’ Bout To Switch It Up To Plain Jane Jewelry
Cause Everything That Glitter Ain’t Gold N^^gas Hoes, They Ain’t Fooling Me
Let It Blow, N^^ga, Ain’t No Fear Of Me It’s Up In My Security,
Don’t Bust It I’m Shooting My Security
Growing Up, N!gga, Mama Made You Fight Back
I Can’t Even Shake The S^^t Off From Like That
I’m Out The Way, Let Me The Fu^k Alone
If You Ain’t Got A Casket Or Ice Pack
Shout Out To Ice Spice

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