We Cannot Take It Anymore The Time Has Come To Go To War Lyrics

We Cannot Take It Anymore The Time Has Come To Go To War Song is sung by Hazbin Hotel Cast. Immerse into the song’s mesmerizing lyrics, enriching your melodious music experience. Explore the verses that capture the essence of the melody, right here on our lyrics website.

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We Cannot Take It Anymore The Time Has Come To Go To War Lyrics

Song Name: Ready For This Sing-Along
Singer: Hazbin Hotel Cast

Have you ever wanted something that was so clear in your mind
That you could taste it?

[SUSAN, spoken]
You mean like human flesh?

[CHARLIE, spoken]
Eugh, sort of
It’s a feeling like a rumbling in your gut
That you could finally be faced with
A billion needy faces
I guess what I mean to say is
For the first time in my life
I might have to be ready for this
Ready to be the one who’s leading from the front
Gotta come into my own
Gotta come into my throne
Gotta take charge and defend my only home
And although I kinda feel unsteady
Now I need to be ready for this

Have you ever felt like you’re willing to die
To save the people of your city?

[SUSAN, spoken]
By die, do you mean use my teeth to rip flesh apart?

[CHARLIE, spoken]
That’s a start!
‘Cause right now we need a leader
And it seems to me that destiny has picked me
To be that, if you’ll permit me
So who’s with me!

Wouldn’t it be super to see more of Hell?
Join up now if you like travel
Come on boys, hop in the saddle!
Lot of sights to see en route to my hotel
Not the mention the camaraderie
Yes siree, you’ll form life-changing friendships
With the folks along the way

And feast on all the angels you can eat

[CANNIBALS, spoken]
Free food? I’m in! Oh, cool! Woah, food!
It’s time now to act
They’re on the attack
When they move to strike
We will fight, biting back
We’ll follow your lead
We’re eager to feed
We’ll sharpen our teeth for the heavenly feast
From this moment on, you can count on us
To be resolute and ravenous
Our appetites are whet and we’re set to seize the day
So I say, oh hey, come join the flesh buffet

Well, that’s a little violent, can we tone it down?

Oh, don’t be put off by their snarling
That’s enthusiasm, darling!

Uh, they just seem a little murdery right now

Don’t worry honey, that’s their thing
Keep singing
We’re super duper grateful to have you folks aboard

We can’t wait to taste an angel’s wings!

Oh lord…
For the first time in my life
Maybe I can be ready for this
I can be the marshal leading the parade
I can come into my own
And I think I’ve always known
My destiny could never be postponed
When Adam brings the battle here
I must appear like I’m ready for this

They’re dancing along
They’re singing her song

Why, I knew she could do it all along

She’s bound to pass the test as princess of Hell
Like her daddy, she is madly power-fell

She’s filled with potential that I could guide

I concur!

Stick with her, you’ll be on the winning side

For the first time in our lives
We know that we are ready for this

We’ll show Heaven a fight they won’t forget!

It is time to take a stand

It is time to lend a hand!


Against the angels and their deadly threat

We cannot take it anymore
The time has come to go to war
Prepare to fight, we’re ready for this

I really hope that I’m ready for this

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