Yeah Give Me A Round Of Applause Lyrics

Yeah Give Me A Round Of Applause Song is sung by Zeddy Will. Immerse into the song’s mesmerizing lyrics, enriching your melodious music experience. Explore the verses that capture the essence of the melody, right here on our lyrics website.

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Yeah Give Me A Round Of Applause Lyrics

Song Name: Cha Cha
Singer: Zeddy Will

This is somethin’ new for y’all
Nah, this ain’t nothin’ new for me
You probably heard the beat before, but
You never heard me rap on this, so we gon’ get into it like this
Here we go

[Verse 1]
Y’all don’t like to dance? Come on, do the cha-cha
Shawty Spanish so she like to call me, “Papa”
True fact, everything I do, they call it, “Flocka”
All they do is copy me, I call ’em, “Waka” (Oh, let’s do it)
She keep worryin’ ’bout my hoes, I had to block her
Had to kick her off the list, I’m playin’ soccer
Why you actin’ Jamaica? You not even a rasta
If you rеally a Jamaican, make the pasta (bombaclaat)
I’m just a n^^ga evеrybody catch a vibe with
Stay out the way ’cause I don’t like to be a nonsense
You talkin’ ’bout me, then you worry ’bout the wrong s^^t
If I put you in a song’ll be a long diss
I’m thinkin’ long term, talkin’ ’bout the Forbes list
But if we talkin’ right now, you’ll make the poor list

[Verse 2]
Facts, it’s time to switch the flow
Now I heard you talk to bro
Bet you thought I didn’t know
It’s okay, you not a ho ’cause I did the give and go
I don’t want this convo to end ’til you introduce me to your friend
If you ask me which one, it depends, I’ma pick the one who is a ten

Alright, so this how you do it, right, you gotta see all the girls
In front of you (Okay)
And you gotta pick which one you want (Alright, alright, bet)

[Verse 3]
Alright, so I think I want you, wait, no-no,I want you, wait, no-no
I want you and you so I can have you and you, oh my God
Why this so hard? Just came up with a thought
I just take all of y’all, should’ve said that from the start

Let’s take a break, d^^n, let’s take a break

[Verse 4]
Never mind, I don’t need no brakes (D^^n)
Always makin’ movies, always makin’ tapes
I’ma have to call up Tate ’cause he gon’ make the lace
You never met a black person if you hate the race
If I ever eat the beat up I’ma say my grace
I’ma make a lotta money, take a trip to Grace
That’s my mistake, I meant a trip to Greece
And you know I’m ’bout to pack a bunch of Polo tees
I’m still waitin’ on the blow up like Jodeci
Wanna take over the world just like Hov and Be
If you go against me, you gon’ go and see
I’ma skip all of the letters straight to the G
Like I’m not sayin’ I’m a gangster, but like I can get on some G s^^t
Like–, aight, man

[Verse 5]
Never mind, I won’t explain myself
Heard you sellin’ bad weed, why you [?] yourself?
Only one up in the club, yeah, I came myself
Yeah, you know, sometimes I just like to be by myself, you know what I’m sayin’?
Yeah, I came myself, but I’m leavin’ with somethin’
Yeah, my name is Zeddywill, I ain’t leavin’ with nothin’
Ended up with two girls, what, you thought I was bluffin’?
Yeah, I bought you a bottle, but what you thought, I was cuffin’?

D^^n, I know I killed that
Yeah, you definitely did bro
Yeah, give me a round of applause
Yeah, give me a round of applause, I killed that
Ayy, ayy, ayy
I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I’m comin’
I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I’m comin’

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