The Gods Must Be Crazy Lyrics

The Gods Must Be Crazy song is sung by Armand Hammer. Immerse into the song’s mesmerizing lyrics, enriching your melodious music experience. Explore the verses that capture the essence of the melody, right here on our lyrics website.

The Gods Must Be Crazy Lyrics

Song Name: The Gods Must Be Crazy
Singer: Armand Hammer

Zimbabwe, Rhodesia
Drive-In movie theatre
Toyota Cressida, heavy metal speaker
Don’t kill the messenger
Henry Kissinger, my album’s only feature

Xeroxed visas, a world passport
Home where the hatred is
No mystery God
All data lost
Spirit roaming
Beast vs harlot at the garden
Sucking tongue under starlight
My six-headed bride
Black on both sides
Purged before birth
Numb before thirst

The happiest Africans
How I started my verse for live aid (85)
Rehearsed for We Are The World
And got cut for Chris Hayes (Super high)
Had Belafonte coughing off that uptown church, that Bouday (Wide eyed)
I went to the ends of earth
Sunburnt black as Pompeii
White women with pepper spray in they purse
Interpolating Beyonce
Illegal Formations

Your money’s no good here
No good

Face or name, logged away
I might remember, I might ask again
I be everywhere
What blessings is
What curses come
Air feels thick
The end is a six letter story
Green eyes, I’ma see you next lifetime
Something on the stove if you hungry
I think I mighta left in my right mind
Why I still gotta dress for a thought crime?
Camouflage vest, don’t you cross ties
Thinking that you will but you won’t
Poking out my third and my fourth eye
I was born on the fifth day
My drink cold and my fish fried
Spin out in every which way
I been through, I been inside

The rock pays in scale diagrams
Coke out the sky, rocks big as your hand
A Gulfstream 5 that don’t ever land
CIA scams, revolutionary plans
Overlapping Venn diagrams, overlapping
The hammer fell out your man’s waistband grappling
Anything can happen if you tryna make it happen
Get head (head) tapped (tapped) tryna get it cracking
Mind cracked open, seeing all the patterns
Was a time woulda been oracles and seers
Now madmen squatting in caves
Trains crashing through caverns
Stick figures hunting mammoth
Crude language, d^^k suck glyphs on tablets
Bushmen watch the world come off balance
The sky tumble
Hunter gatherers watching black giants walk out the jungle
Alien in spaceships
Low clouds sit, heavy with lightning
Men pregnant with death, frightened at the quickening
It totters on unsteady legs, boy you invited to the christening

Your money’s no good here
No good

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