Dalai Lama Lyrics – Shotgun Willy

Dalai Lama Song is sung by Shotgun Willy. Immerse into the song’s mesmerizing lyrics, enriching your melodious music experience. Explore the verses that capture the essence of the melody, right here on our lyrics website.

Dalai Lama Lyrics

Song Name: Dalai Lama
Singer: Shotgun Willy

Eenie Meenie Miny Moe
Catch a thotty by the toe
If she bad
Im Jumping in that p^^sy like Geronimo
Ooh b^^ch got ya nose
Lucky charm pot of gold
If its time to go then vamanos

Catch me riding in a Honda
I just popped a tire
Missed my dinner with Obama
Every single night
Rockin polo my pajamas
I just did some lines
With the f^^kin Dali lama
Comma comma comma

Spend a bag make it back baby
Ring got rubies like I’m max baby
Johnny cash how i act baby
It ain’t over till the fat lady

Okay like
Peter piper picked this pack of pressure that im smoking up
Momma told me i would make a mill and marry Oprah
leave her for a chick that looks like she could suck the ocean up
Open up
Not my type
But Close enough

My Level hit max
Sit back and relax
Im Living like cast away

Unbutton my pants
I Get a lap dance
From a yung Anne Hathaway

Don’t wanna do this
Don’t wanna do that
Somebody go ask the maid

And everyday
They Catch me riding in a Honda

On my Tippy toes looking for big t^^ty hoes
Shotgun Willy go adios and finito

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